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Let's Move Forward Together!

Let’s Move Forward Together!

Let’s Move Forward Together!

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Let’s Move Forward Together!

Hopefully you've heard by now that some great changes have been happening this Fall for our Saturate Community. If you haven't, let me provide a quick summary of where we're focusing our energy as we move forward as a community (and you can check out the video below):   Crowded … [Read More...]


An Event You Don’t Want to Miss

At LCBC we love to provide different opportunities throughout the year for people to grow in their leadership. Every year we host the Global Leadership Summit in August which is great. This fall we have another great opportunity. We'll be hosting Catalyst One Day here at LCBC Manheim on November … [Read More...]


Crowded House — September

This month marks seven years since I first stepped through the doors of LCBC. Although pretty outgoing, I came a bit timid, unsure of what to expect, and far from God. For almost two years I came to LCBC each Sunday, went to one of the main gatherings, and promptly left. On the rare occasion I would … [Read More...]