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Last week on the blog, we did a series of posts themed “What’s Next?” so I thought I’d continue with the theme as I shared about what’s happened through our recent Emerge Cycle. Emerge is a 9-month leadership development program for our 20somethings. For nine months, each 20something is paired with a business professional from the area who will walk with them, challenge them, listen and provide feedback, and help them grow as a leader in their home, in their workplace, and in their church. Each session runs from August – May and we just wrapped our last cycle.

As we met for our final Thursday night gathering, each person was able to share (both participants and their coaches) about what the past few months of challenge and growth have looked like for them framed by the phrase “The year God…” And the responses?…they were as numerous as the number of folks in the room.

It was amazing to hear how some have implemented the principles we’ve taught and it’s led to a more productive work environment, or a better relationship with their boss, or even a serious promotion. It was incredible to hear how’d they’re able to have conversations about faith because of their own tragedies they’ve walked through. It was humbling to hear the opposition they’re up against as they try to lead well and operate with integrity. It was exciting to hear how their perspectives have changed in serving and leading through their church or home. And so what’s next for those leaders? I’d tell them the same thing I’ll tell you

What’s Next? – Never, never, never give up.

As you grow as a leader, the circumstances you find yourself in, the new opportunities that come your way, the pressures you’ll experience will only become greater…in some ways it will become harder to lead well. But at the same time understand that the successful ways you’ve led so far in your journey have prepared you for whatever new challenges may come your way.

It will not be easy. Leading is tough work. Just never give up. Don’t quit. Keep leading well. Just keep leading well.

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Paul is the 20somethings Pastor at LCBC. He enjoys connecting with people, sharing stories, and helping people get to the next step on their journey. Loves talking about leadership, serving, and combining the two.
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