2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back

I usually don’t have a problem looking forward. I’m typically the kind of person that enjoys what’s coming up and fix my mind on that more than I tend to look back. I’m usually thinking about what it will take us to move forward or to keep going forward. And it usually bugs me to go backwards.

But there are a few times when it’s actually good to take two steps forward and then a few back – especially if taking a few steps back causes you to reflect and remember where you’ve come from.

This weekend, we’ll take time to celebrate communion at LCBC and communion is a killer opportunity to look back. We spend most of our lives pressing forward but communion is such a vital part of us looking back because we look back to a cross where a loving Savior willingly gave up his life so that you and I could have a relationship with God. Essentially what he did on the cross allows each and every one of us that place our trust in him to take significant steps forward in life…and even into eternity.

So this weekend, take a break from the forward press…even for just a few moments…to reflect back on what Jesus has done for us, where we’ve come from, and give thanks for the new opportunities ahead that he has planned for us.

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Paul is the 20somethings Pastor at LCBC. He enjoys connecting with people, sharing stories, and helping people get to the next step on their journey. Loves talking about leadership, serving, and combining the two.
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