3 Opportunities for You this Fall

This fall is an exciting time around LCBC and there are a number of ways for you as a 20something to be involved, connected, and growing. I’ve had a number of folks approach me over the past few weeks asking how they can grow specifically in 3 ways: in their Christian faith, as a man who wants to follow Jesus, or as a woman who wants to follow Jesus. So, I wanted to take a quick second today to share with you 3 great opportunities in addition to our weekend gathering and our normal Saturate Events (Crowded House and LIFE Groups) that are designed for connection and growth at LCBC. All of them are great and are kicking off either this week or real soon at LCBC. In fact some just had their kickoff this week, but it’s not too late to get involved!

Alpha is class designed to provide a foundation for the Christian faith. It’s particularly great for folks who are investigating Christianity, are newer to church, have recently started a relationship with Jesus, or followers of Jesus who want to review some foundational truths. It is offered at our Manheim, Harrisburg, and Lancaster City Campuses.

Men’s Frat
Men’s Frat is designed to enable a man to understand his identity and make the pursuit of true manhood a lifelong priority. It helps men become who they were designed to be – a hero to their families and in their communities. Men’s Frat is offered at our Manheim and Harrisburg Campuses.

She Studies
She Studies is designed to help support and encourage women in their daily walk with God through teaching and small group discussion. Different studies are offered at different campuses. She Studies is offered at our Manheim, Harrisburg, and Lancaster City Campuses.

Again, three great ways to connect and grow in your spiritual journey. More information can be found by checking out the Events Page at LCBCChurch.com. Make sure you check them out!

About Paul Atkinson

Paul is the 20somethings Pastor at LCBC. He enjoys connecting with people, sharing stories, and helping people get to the next step on their journey. Loves talking about leadership, serving, and combining the two.
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