Let’s Move Forward Together!

Hopefully you’ve heard by now that some great changes have been happening this Fall for our Saturate Community. If you haven’t, let me provide a quick summary of where we’re focusing our energy as we move forward as a community (and you can check out the video below):


Crowded House
…will be happening every month – it’s become a great event where we can connect as 20somethings, welcome new folks, be challenged through teaching, engage in discussion, and pray for one another. We meet in homes and while the overall format is consistent, each Crowded House event has a little different twist to it. All that to say it’s different each time so make sure you join us each month! It also provides a great opportunity to help our community take a next step by plugging into a LIFE Group. So make sure you check out LCBCchurch.com each month for the next Crowded House details.


20something LIFE Groups
…are still one of the best ways to grow together in community. They provide encouragement, connection, challenge for your spiritual journey, and care for one another. You can get plugged into one at anytime simply by emailing Emily Heisler or by signing up when LIFE Group Links are offered at your campus (Typically in September and January).


…today will actually be our last post at SaturateOnline.com. It has been cool to experience community through our blog and we appreciate each of you who read weekly, listen to the podcasts, and contribute conversation. As we continue to promote online conversation we’ll simply be jumping back to our Saturate Online Facebook Page so if you haven’t Liked us yet, check it out. There we hope to continue conversation, share about events coming up, and encourage one another. Any upcoming event information will be now located at LCBCchurch.com under 20somethings Events so make sure you check there routinely for what’s next! You can also check out the LCBC Church Blog for weekly posts.


As we shared a few weeks ago, if you’re looking for a weekly offering in addition to the weekend gatherings where you can grow, we hope you’ll check out Men’s Frat, She Studies, and Alpha – all of which have just launched or are getting started next week.

We truly appreciate our Saturate Community and how each of you are engaged in Gathering, Connecting, and Serving at LCBC. And we’re excited to continue to grow and journey together!

About Paul Atkinson

Paul is the 20somethings Pastor at LCBC. He enjoys connecting with people, sharing stories, and helping people get to the next step on their journey. Loves talking about leadership, serving, and combining the two.
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