What Helps Keep Us On Track?

I am absolutely convinced that 20Somethings are longing for a faith and a church that is rich and vibrant. In fact, I am convinced that when 20Somethings discover a kind of faith that is worthy of their very lives, they will pursue that faith with all they have.

There is nothing like seeing a church thrive. Seriously, nothing. When the church is thriving we see addictions broken, relationships restored, generosity unleashed, and the glory of God revealed in this world. But churches don’t thrive by accident. They don’t stumble into active and life giving faith. Churches that aren’t intentional about pursuing God’s heart for the world will quickly get off track becoming more focused on the “insiders” while neglecting those far from God.

Any experienced hiker knows how easy it is to wander off track. Hiker’s know that a compass is an essential tool outdoors. The point of a compass is to orient you, to help you get your bearings, to help you plot a course. At LCBC we have a series of 4 learning environments designed to help orient you to LCBC and the life we believe God is calling you into. We call these our Compass Classes.

Our Compass Classes are intended to help people at LCBC know what that kind of faith could look like and call them into greater living. But we don’t only want to inspire people, to great faith, we also want to give people practical handles on how to go after it. This is why we take time in our Compass Classes to talk about our strategy for ministry at LCBC. We take time to talk about what a growing relationships with Jesus looks like. We take time to explore how to read the bible. And we take time to cast a compelling vision as to why you should partner with us in the mission and calling God has placed on this church.

At LCBC we don’t want to get off track. We want to passionately pursue all that God has for our world. And we want to invite you to join us in where that journey might be taking us.

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About Jason Mitchell

Jason is the NextGen Pastor at LCBC Church. He loves taking runs, drinking coffee, listening to all things rock and roll, and spending time with his wife Jenny and their two kids, Sienna and Silas.
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