An Event You Don’t Want to Miss

At LCBC we love to provide different opportunities throughout the year for people to grow in their leadership. Every year we host the Global Leadership Summit in August which is great. This fall we have another great opportunity.

We’ll be hosting Catalyst One Day here at LCBC Manheim on November 15th. It’s a one day (obviously) intensive with Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley. The word on the street is that the theme will be organizational culture, which is an extremely important topic! We are very excited about this event.

If you think you’d like to come to this event register soon. There are only a few spots remaining. We’d love to see some other 20somethings there!

You can register here.

The Problem With Choosing Sides

We are currently in a season of sides. We can pick one side or the other. We can pick one presidential candidate and what they believe, or we can pick the other. We can choose to stand in line and wait for chicken sandwiches or we can boycott.

There are plenty of sides we can take. But I think we are called to greater things then picking sides and saying why we are right.

There are plenty of stories in the Gospels where Jesus is confronting Pharisees and calling them out. The Pharisees have found themselves in this position where they do a whole lot of talking and trying to look holy, but their hearts were in the wrong place. There was no flesh to their talk. No action to their belief. It was all rules and religion, not relationship.

It Matthew 12 there is a great example of this. The Pharisees corner Jesus and ask him about what’s appropriate to do on the Sabbath. He has a conversation about it, then turns around and heals a guy. He doesn’t waste time on who’s right or wrong, he takes action. (Check out Matthew 12 for the whole story)

And there is a great example of what we are called to do. We aren’t called to argue who’s right. We are called to go make a difference. To go change the world. To bring the kingdom of God here and now.

God calls us to love people like He loves us. Not to divide people or to belittle them because of what they believe.

Here’s my challenge: It’s important for us to vote and be conscious of the social issues going on in our communities. But what I think we should really spend our time on is taking the time to look around and see how we can impact our community. We can’t depend on million dollar businesses and government officials to make change. We need to impact the lives around us in whatever small way we can today.

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A Familiar God In A Foreign Place

We asked Jess Velarde (wife of René) to write a post for us about their transition moving from one part of the country to the other.

I don’t always know how to answer people when they ask what brought us to Lancaster, PA all the way from California. We moved about as far as you can possibly move while still remaining in the country.

A Job? And not even a Job for me, just for my husband? No. It had to be much more than that.

See, we were living in California with not much opportunity there except that everyone and everything we have ever known and loved was there. If you were to measure the success of a life by comfort, we were doing rather well for ourselves. There were difficulties, yes. There was job loss and family struggles and learning how to be married to and live with another person. But there was also familiarity and comfort. There was love and support and community and all of the things that make a place feel like a home.

So when the opportunity arose for us to move, we weren’t exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of leaving. We actually had a lot of very sensible reasons to stay. But we decided to choose obedience. To be open and willing for whatever it was God wanted for us. He made it very clear that this was where He wanted us to be. And in what seemed like days later, we had put all our things in cardboard boxes and onto a truck and put ourselves on a plane with two one way tickets to Pennsylvania.

And now six months has flown by like just weeks. And it has only gotten slightly easier. We still feel homesickness. We still often feel like strangers. But we also daily rely on the Lord for strength and purpose. We know that though sometimes uncomfortable, we are in the center of His will. We are dependent upon Him to provide the support and love we left in California. And slowly but surely, Lancaster is starting to feel like home.

There is a beautiful little city. Rolling hills and endless trees that change colors. An incredible church where God is moving in big ways, one that we get to be a part of. There are a few amazing people that we could now not imagine our lives without. And there’s also a little pink nosed kitten named Atticus who has become part of our family. All this that we wouldn’t have known if we had not said yes.

But most importantly, there is Jesus. The same Jesus that was with us in California. Who loves us and leads us and sustains us. He is here. Most would see discomfort as a negative. But quite often those are the moments that bring us closest to Jesus. And if being uncomfortable brings us closer to Him, there is nowhere else we would rather be.

Maybe you haven’t picked up and moved across the country, but we have all known in some way what it’s like to be uncomfortable. Have you experienced change and discomfort? Have you ever been in a transition, or other major life changing event that has forced you to find the familiar face of God, in an unfamiliar place?

It’s Time To Get Away

Vacations. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some people take a couple short vacations through out the year and some save up for that one big vacation every couple of years.

Last month I wrote about the importance of taking a moment to exhale. As important as it is to have daily or weekly “breaks”, extended time off is also healthy. It keeps us fresh and gives us the ability to center ourselves again.

In a few weeks I’ll have a few days away and can’t wait. I will need the time to catch up on some of my yearly goals and just look at what’s next for the next 6 months.

One thing I love hearing about is where people love to go on vacation. So, I want to hear from you. Where do you love going on vacation? What was your favoring vacation spot growing up?

How To Stay In The Loop

Summer is right upon us! It’s always exciting when the warm weather moves in and we (sometimes) get the opportunity to exhale a little. Might be a trip to the beach or maybe to a lake in the mountains. Either way, there is usually a lot of trips during the summer.

Because of that we wanted to let you know the best way to stay connected to what’s going on around here with the Saturate Community.

Facebook: Like us on our Facebook Page (just hit the like button in the right column ->) to get updates from our Facebook Page. All of our blog posts post there, updates and news on events, and it’s a great way to see who else is connected to the community.

Twitter: The whole Saturate team is on Twitter, so you can always hit us up there. The “official” Saturate twitter account pushes out blogs, updates, pictures, fun stuff like that! is our blog. Your are probably reading this on the blog right now which means you are here! Congrats! We typically have three posts a week around here. We do our best to write content that deals with the everyday life of a 20something and what that looks like at LCBC. Also, check out the Events tab at the top or to the right to get more info on upcoming events.

Text Group: We have a simple text group that sends out messages and reminders around events and before we kick off new Saturate Eight cycles. The text group is also the place we hit up for last minute updates or news. For example, if snow/rain/the apocalypse were happening and affecting our event, that’s how we’ll let you know. You can sign up for our group here.

What big summer plans do you have over the next few months?

Transformers, Music, and Learning to Exhale

Have you ever noticed how life has seasons? There are seasons of craziness and seasons of peace. Seasons of pain and seasons and happiness. The list of seasons could go on. I’m not sure yet if there is a rhyme or reason to it, I just know that I’ve experienced it.

Through all of it I’ve learned there is one thing, one value, one practice that’s extremely important to keep through all seasons. That’s the practice of slowing down. Rest. Taking a break. Breathing in and letting out a long exhale. Our culture puts huge emphasis on being busy. The busier you are the cooler and more important you should feel. The reality is, the busy you are the more miserable and out of control you probably feel.

I think if we continue down this road of just doing, doing, doing and don’t stop to just exhale that we could be slowly (or quickly) killing ourselves. Even more important, I don’t think it’s very God-like to keep up this crazy busy schedule.

Take a few weeks and read through the Gospels and you will find that Jesus was on the move. He was hustling. He had people to heal, Pharisees to put in place, and 12 disciples whom he wanted to show what it meant to really live. Among all of that stuff, a reoccurring theme for Jesus was his ability to slip away and take a break, to connect with God, and to relax.

So what does that mean for us? Well, let me ask you…how do you relax? How do you connect with God? I’ll go first:

  • Sitting and listening to music and not doing anything else.
  • Riding my bike.
  • Walking my dog.
  • Spending time with my wife.
  • Reading!
  • Going to the gym, and working out.
  • And for the geeky side of me, I love reading/watching/collecting Transformers Comic items.

All of these things help me to pull away, and just focus on something else for a while. Each one has different purposes and build into my life in different ways, but they help me exhale.

So what are you doing to exhale? What one busy thing in your life are you doing that makes you feel validated, but may be taking away your time to just exhale? 

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Why Mentoring…

Hey it’s another podcast! Today we wanted to share some more of the “why” behind the mentoring we do in the Saturate Community. It’s an extremely important aspect of our 20somethings community. So I sat down with Paul Atkinson and just asked him a few questions about our mentoring. We talked a little about what it looks like, why we think you should try it out (mentoring or being mentored) and how to get involved. Hope you take a few minutes to hear our heart on why mentoring is important.

Listen on iTunes Here

Who Is Saturate – Meet Alicia Heist

At Saturate we believe the 20somethings that are a part of our community truly create the feel and culture of our community. This may seem like a simple idea but when someone asks what the Saturate Community is about we point them to you. You are Saturate. So every now and then we like to feature stories about those of you who make up our community.

Interviewing Alicia was fun! It was cool to hear some unique things that she has done and how she is plugging into LCBC and Saturate. Alicia is apart of the Emerge program, has attended Saturate Eight, and is investing into a small group of middle school girls. Check out this video to get to know Alicia a little better!

View other “You Are Saturate” videos here.

What We Think You Should Read

We are big readers on the Saturate Team. We love all kinds of books and love learning and growing. So we thought we’d share with you one book each that we think you should read!




EmilyIn the Neighborhood by Peter Lovenheim: A convicting book about the necessity of community in each of our lives, especially as we consider what it means to see the needs of those around us and do our best to fill those needs. This book has encouraged me to get to know and understand the people who live on my street, and has challenged me to have meaningful conversations and be involved in the lives of my neighbors.

PaulChoosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley – I’d recommend this book to our 20somethings because it focuses on what are our priorities. Most 20somethings I know are hoping to be married and possibly have a family one day. If so, then prioritizing that time is something we can begin today.

AdamThe Way Of The Shepherd by Kevin Leman, William Pentak – This book directly relates to managing people, but it does it in a short story format. It’s a super easy read and is filled with great content. I don’t think you need to be “leading” people in a formal way to get much out of this book. I really believe that the principals in this book will help you learn to influence well too.

MichaelDo The Work by Steven Pressfield – It’s a book full of encouraging bits of wisdom that asks, “What do you want to do and why aren’t you doing it?” A fun easy read. I’m a slow reader and read it in two sittings.

What about you? What are you reading right now? (Even if it’s the Hunger Games)

Only For My King (Video)

This past cycle of Saturate Eight we sang this song “Only For My King” written by Michael Ferrari. It was one of those songs that becomes an anthem, or in this case more of a prayer of the community. So we thought we’d share a video of the song from one of our review cameras.

It’s not the greatest quality but it captures the essence of the song. Enjoy!