Let’s Move Forward Together!

Hopefully you’ve heard by now that some great changes have been happening this Fall for our Saturate Community. If you haven’t, let me provide a quick summary of where we’re focusing our energy as we move forward as a community (and you can check out the video below):


Crowded House
…will be happening every month – it’s become a great event where we can connect as 20somethings, welcome new folks, be challenged through teaching, engage in discussion, and pray for one another. We meet in homes and while the overall format is consistent, each Crowded House event has a little different twist to it. All that to say it’s different each time so make sure you join us each month! It also provides a great opportunity to help our community take a next step by plugging into a LIFE Group. So make sure you check out LCBCchurch.com each month for the next Crowded House details.


20something LIFE Groups
…are still one of the best ways to grow together in community. They provide encouragement, connection, challenge for your spiritual journey, and care for one another. You can get plugged into one at anytime simply by emailing Emily Heisler or by signing up when LIFE Group Links are offered at your campus (Typically in September and January).


…today will actually be our last post at SaturateOnline.com. It has been cool to experience community through our blog and we appreciate each of you who read weekly, listen to the podcasts, and contribute conversation. As we continue to promote online conversation we’ll simply be jumping back to our Saturate Online Facebook Page so if you haven’t Liked us yet, check it out. There we hope to continue conversation, share about events coming up, and encourage one another. Any upcoming event information will be now located at LCBCchurch.com under 20somethings Events so make sure you check there routinely for what’s next! You can also check out the LCBC Church Blog for weekly posts.


As we shared a few weeks ago, if you’re looking for a weekly offering in addition to the weekend gatherings where you can grow, we hope you’ll check out Men’s Frat, She Studies, and Alpha – all of which have just launched or are getting started next week.

We truly appreciate our Saturate Community and how each of you are engaged in Gathering, Connecting, and Serving at LCBC. And we’re excited to continue to grow and journey together!

3 Opportunities for You this Fall

This fall is an exciting time around LCBC and there are a number of ways for you as a 20something to be involved, connected, and growing. I’ve had a number of folks approach me over the past few weeks asking how they can grow specifically in 3 ways: in their Christian faith, as a man who wants to follow Jesus, or as a woman who wants to follow Jesus. So, I wanted to take a quick second today to share with you 3 great opportunities in addition to our weekend gathering and our normal Saturate Events (Crowded House and LIFE Groups) that are designed for connection and growth at LCBC. All of them are great and are kicking off either this week or real soon at LCBC. In fact some just had their kickoff this week, but it’s not too late to get involved!

Alpha is class designed to provide a foundation for the Christian faith. It’s particularly great for folks who are investigating Christianity, are newer to church, have recently started a relationship with Jesus, or followers of Jesus who want to review some foundational truths. It is offered at our Manheim, Harrisburg, and Lancaster City Campuses.

Men’s Frat
Men’s Frat is designed to enable a man to understand his identity and make the pursuit of true manhood a lifelong priority. It helps men become who they were designed to be – a hero to their families and in their communities. Men’s Frat is offered at our Manheim and Harrisburg Campuses.

She Studies
She Studies is designed to help support and encourage women in their daily walk with God through teaching and small group discussion. Different studies are offered at different campuses. She Studies is offered at our Manheim, Harrisburg, and Lancaster City Campuses.

Again, three great ways to connect and grow in your spiritual journey. More information can be found by checking out the Events Page at LCBCChurch.com. Make sure you check them out!

Saturate Fall 2012 Announcements

As we head into September, exciting things are happening around LCBC. Check out the video to find out what’s coming up and how you can be involved this fall at LCBC!


How Do YOU Grow?

12 years ago I met a man named Dwayne. At the time I didn’t realize it but Dwayne would invest in me in many ways over the next few years. Dwayne cared about people. He cared about making them better. He cared about helping them grow. I remember one time he said to me, “When a leader stops learning, he stops leading.” I’ve never forgotten that challenge. Essentially what Dwayne was saying is growth is important.

Since that challenge that Dwayne gave me, I’d love to say that there’s never been a time when I wasn’t growing. But if I did, that wouldn’t be the truth. The reality is, it’s hard at times to keep growing. At times our circumstances are challenging. At times, we’re just not motivated. That’s why the most difficult person you will ever lead is yourself. But growing as an individual whether spiritually, or physically, or professionally, or in our disciplines is so extremely important, especially during this time in our 20′s. Much of what we do now and how we choose to grow will dictate what we will or won’t experience down the road.

I’ve come to implement several disciplines that help me continue to grow. As a follower of Jesus, I try to spend time each week studying the Bible and talking to God through prayer. I’ve tried to discipline myself to read other books consistently – especially around the topics of leadership and personal growth. Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending The Global Leadership Summit. The Summit provides two days of challenge that stimulate individuals towards growth. It’s become one of the best things I do to invest in my own personal growth each year. These are just some of the ways I’ve tried to make sure that I keep growing. These disciplines by no means make me a perfect person, but I do believe that faithfulness in them will make me a better person.

So how about you, what do you do to grow? What things do you have in place to make sure you’re continuing to grow?

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Uncertainty…it’s about the only thing that’s Certain

Looking at the calendar, next week launches us into August. And that’s just nuts because 2012 has definitely seemed to motor along at an unprecedented pace. Perhaps you feel the same. It’s crazy to think that summer’s drawing to a close and as soon as we blink it will be fall. It’s one of the things I’m becoming all too familiar with right now during this season of my life — that things are going to continue to move faster and faster. It doesn’t matter if it’s each week and you can’t get all your work completed, your kids who are growing up before your very eyes, or the fact that you take a step back to evaluate where you are only to ask, “How did I get here?” The pace continues to quicken.

And with it seems to come uncertainty. That is certain. We wonder how we got where we are now so quickly and worry where we’ll end up if we don’t pull the reigns on life back a bit. We wonder if we’ll always be stuck, continue to have struggles, or wonder if things will ever get better. We wonder if we’ll ever become successful, if we’ll ever be able to do the things we hoped we would do, and wonder what kind of decisions our kids will make.

If we’re not careful, uncertainty doesn’t slow up either. It just keeps compounding.

And the reality is I can’t tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow (I can’t even figure that out for myself). I can’t promise things will get better or that you’re plan will work out, or that there will be less things to be uncertain about.

But here are a few things that I do know that I hope will offer some encouragement:
1) You are Loved.
There’s a God who loves each and every single one of us. He desires a relationship with each and every one of us. And he can he can make sense of any uncertainty that may arise.

2) You are Needed.
As followers of God, we’re a part of a body. Each one of us has a specific way we’re wired that is unique to us. And what we bring to the table matters because all of us are better together. We are all better when you are using the way you are gifted.

3) You must Act.
When we face uncertainty, the most natural thing for many of us to do is to do nothing at all, or take a few steps back. My encouragement is this: take one step forward today. You may not know every singe detail about everything. But with the knowledge that you have, take a step. And then the next day, take another step.

Uncertainty is certain. But I hope it won’t inhibit us in our professional, relational, financial, or spiritual journeys. Keep moving forward!

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Meet René Velarde

Hey Saturate Community! I hope you guys are doing well and having a great summer. Just wanted to take a second today to let you know about a change to the Saturate Team. René Velarde is now joining our team and will be our new Worship Leader. He’s really looking forward to connecting with you guys and engaging in our community. Michael has transitioned into some new areas of leadership within the Worship and Arts team at LCBC so you’ll still see him around but René will be leading during our Tuesday night gatherings. So, check out the podcast and get to know René a little bit! See you all soon!

Make sure you check out our next event coming up shortly by clicking HERE.

Listen on iTunes Here

Freedom for What?

As we approach Independence Day, I can’t help but think of one word: Freedom. We live in what’s been called “The land of the free, home of the brave.” I find that most of the time when we think of the word freedom we think of being free FROM something. We are free from another’s rule, free from oppression, free from anxiety. Maybe we’re free from debt, free from sickness, or free from danger. And quite frankly, it’s great being free FROM things. But what if we were not only free FROM something, but also free FOR something?

What would you be free for? What do you think you are free for?

As followers of Jesus, we’re not only freed from a lot, but the Bible encourages to be free FOR some things as well. Check out these verses from Galatians 5:13-15…

For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love. For the whole law can be summed up in one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

This week, I hope we’ll take time to appreciate the fact that we live in a free country – and that is something that’s not promised us – it was earned. But I also hope you’ll take time to appreciate that as followers of Jesus we’re also free FOR something as well – to serve others in love. That freedom was granted you the moment you followed Jesus…it was given.

Hope you all have a crazy-awesome holiday!

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2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back

I usually don’t have a problem looking forward. I’m typically the kind of person that enjoys what’s coming up and fix my mind on that more than I tend to look back. I’m usually thinking about what it will take us to move forward or to keep going forward. And it usually bugs me to go backwards.

But there are a few times when it’s actually good to take two steps forward and then a few back – especially if taking a few steps back causes you to reflect and remember where you’ve come from.

This weekend, we’ll take time to celebrate communion at LCBC and communion is a killer opportunity to look back. We spend most of our lives pressing forward but communion is such a vital part of us looking back because we look back to a cross where a loving Savior willingly gave up his life so that you and I could have a relationship with God. Essentially what he did on the cross allows each and every one of us that place our trust in him to take significant steps forward in life…and even into eternity.

So this weekend, take a break from the forward press…even for just a few moments…to reflect back on what Jesus has done for us, where we’ve come from, and give thanks for the new opportunities ahead that he has planned for us.

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Giveaway: Free Ticket to The Global Leadership Summit

I believe that each and every one of us are a leader. Whether you realize it or not, you lead every single day. It might be in your home with your spouse or with your children. It might be in your workplace with your team or your company. It might be in your community as a coach or a volunteer. It might be in our church through volunteering weekly or a particular event.

But every single one of us leads…because people are constantly watching us. And there’s a good chance that how we prepare ourselves for each day, for each task, for each opportunity will have implications on what those around us experience as they are influenced by our leadership. I’ve often heard Bill Hybels say, “When you invest in your leadership, everyone wins.”

One of the best things I started doing to grow as a leader a few years ago was attending The Global Leadership Summit. It’s a two-day event hosted by the Willow Creek Association in Chicago. For a list of this year’s speaker line-up, click HERE. I’ve found it to be incredibly challenging and extremely inspiring. It’s now one of my favorite events that I look forward to each year. World-class speakers. Practical challenges. Engaging information.

So today, we wanted to have a giveaway. So we’re giving away a free ticket to The Global Leadership Summit that will be simulcasted on August 9th and 10th. The winner will have the opportunity to attend the Summit at either of LCBC’s host sites in Manheim or in Harrisburg. The winner will be chosen by June 18th. The winner will be chosen randomly.

To enter, please simply leave a comment on our blog below answering this question:

“If I could grow in one particular area as a leader it would be in the area of _______________ because _______________…”

*You do not have to be a 20something to enter

What’s Next? – Emerge

Last week on the blog, we did a series of posts themed “What’s Next?” so I thought I’d continue with the theme as I shared about what’s happened through our recent Emerge Cycle. Emerge is a 9-month leadership development program for our 20somethings. For nine months, each 20something is paired with a business professional from the area who will walk with them, challenge them, listen and provide feedback, and help them grow as a leader in their home, in their workplace, and in their church. Each session runs from August – May and we just wrapped our last cycle.

As we met for our final Thursday night gathering, each person was able to share (both participants and their coaches) about what the past few months of challenge and growth have looked like for them framed by the phrase “The year God…” And the responses?…they were as numerous as the number of folks in the room.

It was amazing to hear how some have implemented the principles we’ve taught and it’s led to a more productive work environment, or a better relationship with their boss, or even a serious promotion. It was incredible to hear how’d they’re able to have conversations about faith because of their own tragedies they’ve walked through. It was humbling to hear the opposition they’re up against as they try to lead well and operate with integrity. It was exciting to hear how their perspectives have changed in serving and leading through their church or home. And so what’s next for those leaders? I’d tell them the same thing I’ll tell you

What’s Next? – Never, never, never give up.

As you grow as a leader, the circumstances you find yourself in, the new opportunities that come your way, the pressures you’ll experience will only become greater…in some ways it will become harder to lead well. But at the same time understand that the successful ways you’ve led so far in your journey have prepared you for whatever new challenges may come your way.

It will not be easy. Leading is tough work. Just never give up. Don’t quit. Keep leading well. Just keep leading well.