Let’s Move Forward Together!

Hopefully you’ve heard by now that some great changes have been happening this Fall for our Saturate Community. If you haven’t, let me provide a quick summary of where we’re focusing our energy as we move forward as a community (and you can check out the video below):


Crowded House
…will be happening every month – it’s become a great event where we can connect as 20somethings, welcome new folks, be challenged through teaching, engage in discussion, and pray for one another. We meet in homes and while the overall format is consistent, each Crowded House event has a little different twist to it. All that to say it’s different each time so make sure you join us each month! It also provides a great opportunity to help our community take a next step by plugging into a LIFE Group. So make sure you check out LCBCchurch.com each month for the next Crowded House details.


20something LIFE Groups
…are still one of the best ways to grow together in community. They provide encouragement, connection, challenge for your spiritual journey, and care for one another. You can get plugged into one at anytime simply by emailing Emily Heisler or by signing up when LIFE Group Links are offered at your campus (Typically in September and January).


…today will actually be our last post at SaturateOnline.com. It has been cool to experience community through our blog and we appreciate each of you who read weekly, listen to the podcasts, and contribute conversation. As we continue to promote online conversation we’ll simply be jumping back to our Saturate Online Facebook Page so if you haven’t Liked us yet, check it out. There we hope to continue conversation, share about events coming up, and encourage one another. Any upcoming event information will be now located at LCBCchurch.com under 20somethings Events so make sure you check there routinely for what’s next! You can also check out the LCBC Church Blog for weekly posts.


As we shared a few weeks ago, if you’re looking for a weekly offering in addition to the weekend gatherings where you can grow, we hope you’ll check out Men’s Frat, She Studies, and Alpha – all of which have just launched or are getting started next week.

We truly appreciate our Saturate Community and how each of you are engaged in Gathering, Connecting, and Serving at LCBC. And we’re excited to continue to grow and journey together!

An Event You Don’t Want to Miss

At LCBC we love to provide different opportunities throughout the year for people to grow in their leadership. Every year we host the Global Leadership Summit in August which is great. This fall we have another great opportunity.

We’ll be hosting Catalyst One Day here at LCBC Manheim on November 15th. It’s a one day (obviously) intensive with Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley. The word on the street is that the theme will be organizational culture, which is an extremely important topic! We are very excited about this event.

If you think you’d like to come to this event register soon. There are only a few spots remaining. We’d love to see some other 20somethings there!

You can register here.

Crowded House — September

This month marks seven years since I first stepped through the doors of LCBC. Although pretty outgoing, I came a bit timid, unsure of what to expect, and far from God. For almost two years I came to LCBC each Sunday, went to one of the main gatherings, and promptly left. On the rare occasion I would run into someone I knew I’d stop for a minute to chat and then quickly find my way to the car.

LCBC, I felt, was great for hiding…hiding my poor choices, hiding my doubts, hiding my brokenness, hiding my story.

But God wants so much more than to provide a place for us to hide.

I wholeheartedly believe that God has provided a place, through LCBC, where he calls us to be part of something bigger than ourselves, to speak into each other’s lives, to impact our communities, to gain a better understanding of who He is and wants for us to be.

And the cool thing is…we don’t have to do that alone.

Friday, September 21st is our next Saturate Crowded House event. Crowded House is just that…a house full of 20somethings who are excited about connection. We’ll take some time to hang out, have meaningful conversation, be challenged through teaching and Scripture, and have an opportunity to jump into a LIFE Group if you’re interested. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to check one out, I’d like to personally invite you to come and be a part. And, if you’ve been a part of the Saturate Community for a while or have been to one of our Crowded Houses in the past, know that this one will have a different feel and flavor to it.

It took me a long time to know that my choices don’t define me, that everyone doubts, that God works through brokenness, and that my story is definitely one worth sharing…and all that finally clicked for me when I began doin’ LIFE with others.

Click here for more details and to let us know you’ll be at Crowded House.

3 Opportunities for You this Fall

This fall is an exciting time around LCBC and there are a number of ways for you as a 20something to be involved, connected, and growing. I’ve had a number of folks approach me over the past few weeks asking how they can grow specifically in 3 ways: in their Christian faith, as a man who wants to follow Jesus, or as a woman who wants to follow Jesus. So, I wanted to take a quick second today to share with you 3 great opportunities in addition to our weekend gathering and our normal Saturate Events (Crowded House and LIFE Groups) that are designed for connection and growth at LCBC. All of them are great and are kicking off either this week or real soon at LCBC. In fact some just had their kickoff this week, but it’s not too late to get involved!

Alpha is class designed to provide a foundation for the Christian faith. It’s particularly great for folks who are investigating Christianity, are newer to church, have recently started a relationship with Jesus, or followers of Jesus who want to review some foundational truths. It is offered at our Manheim, Harrisburg, and Lancaster City Campuses.

Men’s Frat
Men’s Frat is designed to enable a man to understand his identity and make the pursuit of true manhood a lifelong priority. It helps men become who they were designed to be – a hero to their families and in their communities. Men’s Frat is offered at our Manheim and Harrisburg Campuses.

She Studies
She Studies is designed to help support and encourage women in their daily walk with God through teaching and small group discussion. Different studies are offered at different campuses. She Studies is offered at our Manheim, Harrisburg, and Lancaster City Campuses.

Again, three great ways to connect and grow in your spiritual journey. More information can be found by checking out the Events Page at LCBCChurch.com. Make sure you check them out!

What Helps Keep Us On Track?

I am absolutely convinced that 20Somethings are longing for a faith and a church that is rich and vibrant. In fact, I am convinced that when 20Somethings discover a kind of faith that is worthy of their very lives, they will pursue that faith with all they have.

There is nothing like seeing a church thrive. Seriously, nothing. When the church is thriving we see addictions broken, relationships restored, generosity unleashed, and the glory of God revealed in this world. But churches don’t thrive by accident. They don’t stumble into active and life giving faith. Churches that aren’t intentional about pursuing God’s heart for the world will quickly get off track becoming more focused on the “insiders” while neglecting those far from God.

Any experienced hiker knows how easy it is to wander off track. Hiker’s know that a compass is an essential tool outdoors. The point of a compass is to orient you, to help you get your bearings, to help you plot a course. At LCBC we have a series of 4 learning environments designed to help orient you to LCBC and the life we believe God is calling you into. We call these our Compass Classes.

Our Compass Classes are intended to help people at LCBC know what that kind of faith could look like and call them into greater living. But we don’t only want to inspire people, to great faith, we also want to give people practical handles on how to go after it. This is why we take time in our Compass Classes to talk about our strategy for ministry at LCBC. We take time to talk about what a growing relationships with Jesus looks like. We take time to explore how to read the bible. And we take time to cast a compelling vision as to why you should partner with us in the mission and calling God has placed on this church.

At LCBC we don’t want to get off track. We want to passionately pursue all that God has for our world. And we want to invite you to join us in where that journey might be taking us.

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Saturate Fall 2012 Announcements

As we head into September, exciting things are happening around LCBC. Check out the video to find out what’s coming up and how you can be involved this fall at LCBC!


Grab A Seat


GATHER. Connect. Serve.

Join us for one of our weekend gatherings.

Gather. CONNECT. Serve.

Connect with others relationally in a LIFE Group.

Gather. Connect. SERVE.

Pick one environment or opportunity at LCBC that gets you excited.

The heartbeat of the Saturate Community is really connection…to God, each other as 20somethings, and LCBC. And if you’ve been around LCBC for any length of time, you’ve probably heard us talk about LIFE Groups and the LIFE Group Link. The LIFE Group Link is a  mass connection point for any and all folks who come to LCBC on any given weekend. Meaning, lots and lots of people converge at their LCBC campus, walk through some guided conversation, eat some good food, and make a decision to test-drive a new LIFE Group. (Test driving is just what it sounds like…checking out a group for six-weeks to make sure it’s a good fit).

Now I’ll level with you…this can sound a bit intimidating. Why would someone intentionally want to walk into a full room where they know few people?! Rest assure that it’s worth the risk to have the opportunity to then walk out of the room with people that will potentially become like family to you, encourage you, inspire you, and cause you to be more like Jesus in your daily life. LCBC is a big place and might remain feeling like a big place unless you take a step, take a risk to get plugged in relationally with others.

So, now’s your opportunity…Grab A Seat and join us! LIFE Group Links are coming up in September and October (dates/times vary per campus).


How Do YOU Grow?

12 years ago I met a man named Dwayne. At the time I didn’t realize it but Dwayne would invest in me in many ways over the next few years. Dwayne cared about people. He cared about making them better. He cared about helping them grow. I remember one time he said to me, “When a leader stops learning, he stops leading.” I’ve never forgotten that challenge. Essentially what Dwayne was saying is growth is important.

Since that challenge that Dwayne gave me, I’d love to say that there’s never been a time when I wasn’t growing. But if I did, that wouldn’t be the truth. The reality is, it’s hard at times to keep growing. At times our circumstances are challenging. At times, we’re just not motivated. That’s why the most difficult person you will ever lead is yourself. But growing as an individual whether spiritually, or physically, or professionally, or in our disciplines is so extremely important, especially during this time in our 20′s. Much of what we do now and how we choose to grow will dictate what we will or won’t experience down the road.

I’ve come to implement several disciplines that help me continue to grow. As a follower of Jesus, I try to spend time each week studying the Bible and talking to God through prayer. I’ve tried to discipline myself to read other books consistently – especially around the topics of leadership and personal growth. Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending The Global Leadership Summit. The Summit provides two days of challenge that stimulate individuals towards growth. It’s become one of the best things I do to invest in my own personal growth each year. These are just some of the ways I’ve tried to make sure that I keep growing. These disciplines by no means make me a perfect person, but I do believe that faithfulness in them will make me a better person.

So how about you, what do you do to grow? What things do you have in place to make sure you’re continuing to grow?

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Serving: Getting Plugged In

There is nothing quite as satisfying as serving. Serving is not something you do once a month or near the holiday season. Serving is more than that. Serving is a way of life. It starts with having the right mindset and attitude. It starts when we see a need; and we fill it. Mark 10 states, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” How cool is that? The One who rules over all of us, lowered himself, and served those around Him.

For me, there is no better way to get involved and plugged into something than serving. While serving, connection naturally happens and the sense of belonging to something comes about. It can be one of the simplest but yet most effective ways to get involved.

If you are wanting to get more involved and plugged in here at LCBC, I would recommend that you start serving. Put others first and serve with a willing passion. To learn a little more about serving check out “14″ the next two weekends at your LCBC Campus.


Are there any stories of serving that have helped you get plugged in and involved?

What about serving excites you the most?

Leadership Summit Nuggets

We thought we’d take some time and have a few members of the Saturate team share a nugget of what they learned at the Leadership Summit that happened last Thursday & Friday. Nothing special with the word nugget, other then we think “leadership nugget” sounds cool.



Emily Heisler: Condoleezza Rice’s session was chalk-full of great encouragement about keeping a positive perspective on things. She encouraged leaders to remember what seems impossible seems inevitable in retrospect. How true is that? How many times do we face adverse situations or circumstances where the best outcome seems out of reach? Looking back, though, how often has best triumphed and given us an opportunity to win out in the end? As 20somethings, things often seem uncertain, unnatural, unobtainable…it doesn’t have to be.

Paul Atkinson: Something I found challenging was during Patrick Lencioni’s talk that focused on Organization Health. He said that organizations must avoid confusing CORE values with things that are ASPIRATIONAL values. Aspirational values are things that we wished we were but are not. I think it’s natural to look at other organizations and see cool things they are doing or value and long for that same thing. But we have to be honest about our organizations and disciplined enough to keep the right values at the core.

Adam Hann: A big thing I found useful from the Leadership Summit was Bill Hybels “mini-talk” on how to focus your energy as a leader. He talked about a system he developed for himself (called 6×6) that helped him make sure he was focusing the right energy on the right projects at the right time. As a leader, and with all kinds of things on my plate, I found this very helpful and has me thinking about ways to make sure I’m doing the same thing.

Were you at the Leadership Summit? What were some of your takeaways? 

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